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We match you based on shared interests so you can spend less time searching and more time connecting


Complete your profile by telling us what makes you tick and what gets you xcited


Each day we’ll send you potential matches based on what xcites and interests you


View your carefully curated matches, and start dating people who are like you

This isn’t just another online dating site…

Xcite was born from an online dating success story. We found each other on a dating app, met and matched online. We knew what we wanted and we went for it. From our experience, we learned that online dating works. To us, it isn’t just about meeting new people, it’s about meeting people who xcite and interest you, who have shared interests, and who want to do things differently with you.

Dinner dates are great, but we want you to do more than that, go hiking, skydiving, go to a cooking class, whatever experience that embodies who you are, but aim to date in a way that allows you to share in an experience together. Get out and get real. Don’t just get online, prepare to set the scene for YOUR next great romance.

After doing a little market research and swapping stories with our single friends who were still looking for something special online, we realised that we knew what worked because it worked for us.

We wanted to create a platform that truly reflects who you are in the potential matches you meet. Something that transforms the online dating experience to an effortless and easy way to meet people who have what you are actually looking for.

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