5 Ways to Create Meaningful Connections with Online Dating

Looking for love in the midst of a pandemic can be overwhelming. It’s not just overwhelming, it can leave you feeling as if there is no real way to create a meaningful connection when you can’t get out and meet new people.

The thing is, we have all these tools which we can use to our advantage and all we need to do is re-evaluate what a true connection means to us. Looking for love isn’t just about butterflies and flirting, it’s about a mental and emotional connection which a partnership can be built on.

If you want to create meaningful connections online there are 5 simple steps you can take to speed up the process.

  1. Stop chatting and start talking

When you initially match with someone, a few messages gives you an indication as to whether you can actually have a conversation in real life, but too much texting can and does become boring. If you want to change the game, once you know that there could be something interesting between the two of you, get on the phone and have an actual conversation. This is where you figure out if you’re ready to take things to the next level.

  1. Set-up a video call

The next level is a video call, and as strange as this might sound, a video call is the best way to figure out if you want to see each other again and if there is some kind of connection. Set aside at least half an hour so that you two can really get into the thick of the conversation. This gives you time to get over the first visual jitters and get into real conversation. The main benefit of a video call is that you’re able to discover what you need to before going on a first date. It not only gives you a chance to connect, in a non-pandemic era, a video call actually covers everything a first date would, but in a comfortable space that you’re in total control of.

  1. Create a list of 10 questions that matter

Now that you have established that you want to keep on talking to this amazing new person, there is probably some vital information you need to know. Each one of us is different and what matters to one of us, might not matter to someone else. We suggest looking at what you want, reviewing your past relationships and what they taught you, and most importantly, what you would like to do with your partner when you spend time together. Once you have a rough idea, put together 10 questions you want answered, and start asking them. A great way to connect is to ask them and answer them yourself so that both of you are volunteering information. This not only highlights who you are but could give both of you ideas on what to do on your first few real-life dates.

  1. Go on a real video date

While this might seem like standard practice, you don’t have to sit and stare at the screen, it feels weird and can become totally awkward if you have set aside 1-2 hours. Consider cooking dinner together, talking about the food you’re using, flavours you love and find out what they love. You can also opt can play games using Zoom (or an app of your choice).

Yes, it’s totally possible! Cosmopolitan put together a list of 12 games you can play on Zoom, check them out here.

  1. Be authentic

This seems really simple, but it’s so important to be who you are, and to not hide pieces of yourself. The reason this matters is that it cuts down on time and you get what you want faster. Answers. If you’re compatible, then it’s the real you they are compatible with. And if you aren’t right for each other, its much easier to figure that out quickly and without wasting your time and someone else’s.


The most important thing to us is that we don’t want you to live on a dating app, we want you to get out there and experience people. This simply cannot be done when all you do is message one another for an extended period of time. Research shows that the longer you spend in a backwards and forwards conversation with someone interesting, the less likely you are at making a real connection with them.

We believe in cutting out the noise and getting down to business, and not funny business, we are all about meaningful connections.

If you aren’t ready to share your contact details you can do audio calls and video dates on Zoom. This keeps you safe.

Connecting online is romantic, and it doesn’t have to be boring or awkward. It’s all in the approach. And the best part is that you take time to really get to know each other which can take your new relationship to a whole new level because you focused on who each of you are first.